I’m a Sinner Too

these past few months have passed by so quickly. my time in taiwan is almost at an end. isn’t that crazy? i’ve been here for almost a year. in one way, it does feel like a year and even longer than that. in another way, it feels like i just got here.

if i’ve ever been absolutely certain of the fact that i’m changing, it would be now. i’ve been learning and growing a lot. more than i ever thought possible. what’s even more surprising to me is that i find that i have a desire to keep learning and growing.

i don’t want to stop going down this path. i want to keep walking/running down this road. i want to keep changing. i want to keep growing in my relationship with Christ. i want to know and understand more of who God is. at least, that’s how i’m thinking right now. but to be honest, i don’t always think this way.

sometimes i just want to give it all up. it’s too hard and overwhelming. i’m tired. all i see is my faults, my sins. i see how unworthy i am of God’s love. i don’t deserve a single ounce of it. i am a sinful human being. i’ve committed so many wrongs. over and over again i sin. sometimes, i just feel like a constant failure. i don’t think that i’ll ever be any better than i am right now.

let’s be honest here. life is not just what you see in those encouraging blog posts. it’s not the short, but uplifting, tweets you see on twitter. it’s not all those aesthetic pleasing photos with the perfect inspirational caption on instagram.

no. real life, sure, it can be like that sometimes. but all the time? no. real life is hard. there’s pain. there’s suffering. there are problems, issues. usually, i don’t see the reason why things are the way that they are. i don’t understand why i have to go through ______ or ______. to me, it seems pointless.

what can i do? i’m incapable of getting myself out of this rut. i’m stuck. does any of this really matter? does anything i do really make a difference? and this is what happens. sometimes, i can just see growth growth growth. other times, i’m all i can see is my ever-growing pile of wrongdoings. i go back and forth, from one extreme to another.

but that’s not how it should be. yes, i am a sinner. yes, i can not get out of this situation on my own. but this is where Jesus comes in. he paid the price for our sin. he took the consequence of our sin. that separation from God? that broken relationship we have with God? Jesus fixes that. he died to fix it. now, we have direct access to God.

we are broken, but he is whole. we are unable, but he is able. what’s even more important, he is willing. God is able and willing to save us. he wants a relationship with us. he loves us. though we fall over and over again, God continues to save us over and over again. he wants to deliver us, because he cares about us.

and that’s true grace. it is this that i can be encouraged by. i can find comfort in God because despite what i do, God wants to have a relationship with me. he will continue to pursue me no matter how often i fail.

isn’t that amazing? i can’t begin to comprehend why God would do this. i can’t understand why he would suffer so much for us. why does he love us? why does he even care about us?

but he does. he really does.

when i look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?”

-psalm 8:3-4

hoping to lighten your burden,


5 thoughts on “I’m a Sinner Too

  1. It is amazing. 🙂

    “that broken relationship we have with God? Jesus fixes that. he died to fix it. now, we have direct access to God.”

    You’re so right! That’s a beautiful way to put it. And you know what really strikes me, since it’s coming from you? Over the years I’ve really noticed that relationships are really important to you. So I feel like this is one of your personal favorite ways you see God and I think that’s cool–though of course it’s true for everyone!

    I think God sort of reveals Himself to people in the way it’s easiest for them to understand. For me, as someone who’s taken care of goats more than half my life, one of my favorite ways to think about Him is as the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd who became a Lamb and died to save the flock. Writers see Him as the Author of Life. Artist see Him as the Great Artist.

    Anyway, you’re right. But I can see God’s grace in you, and I’m a sinner too.

    Thanks for the post. 🙂


    1. wow. i didn’t even notice that. i love how you pointed that out. it’s so fascinating how people clearly see different aspects of God. they are all true, but different people see different aspects easier. and i think this is why we can learn so much about God from the people around us. people can point out other aspects of God that we can’t as easily see.


      1. Exactly! 🙂 It’s like a big giant puzzle and we can tell each other about the different pieces we see!


  2. Hi Gabi, thank you for sharing!

    I think for me it’s that I failed to realize that I have sinned until recently— I’ve started to realize how sinful I am and recognize how my mind can be filled with so many evil and wrong and sinful thoughts.

    But that’s why Jesus came. So yeah, guess we really have to rely on him to transform us!


    1. i feel you. really. it hurts to find out that there are things in our lives that we’ve done wrong without realizing it for so long, but realizing it now is a huge turning point. thankfully, we can give it all to God. he will make us new in him. Jesus’ sacrifice took away the burden of sin from us. we don’t have to be crushed under the weight of sin anymore. Jesus took it for us. 🙂


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