About the Girl

pc: my photographer and friend, amy.


There’s so much to tell that I hardly know where to begin. What do you want to know about me, I wonder? What would I want to know about myself?

I’m a broken human being who is learning that what I do doesn’t define me. Just because I don’t write like I once did or don’t play the piano like I used to or any of the other million of things that I’ve dropped or just stopped doing as much, doesn’t mean that I’m not me. Those things played a huge role in my life, but they aren’t me. Some things come into our life only for a period of time. They are important then and they are still important now, just in a different way. other things will come into our life and change and morph as we grow. They’re still there, but different from how they were in the beginning. The people that come into our lives are the same way.

I’m learning to be okay if people close to me don’t fully agree with me on all my decisions. I know that not everyone is going to agree with me. That’s unrealistic. But realizing that people close to me might not always agree with me is something that I still wrestle with in my heart. I just want everyone to agree and get along. But people are different. If everyone was like me, the world would be a boring place. Thankfully, people have different skills, different passions, different ideas, etc. and this, this what makes the world a beautiful and fascinating place.

I make lots of mistakes, all the time. I’m not perfect. I fail. I fall. I’m not the perfect role model that I may look on here. I hope that I never give you that impression. I can’t promise that everything that I write is going to be absolutely true and correct. Only God knows. But I can promise to speak from my heart. And I hope that makes a difference to you. So even if my words only makes a difference in a single person’s life, it would have still been worth it. I have big dreams of changing the world, but how does one begin except by sharing his/her heart with those whom they’re closest to?

So this is me, sharing my heart, my passions, my thoughts, my struggles, and maybe some sporadic posts of my travels when and where they happen. I hope that my words will be an encouragement to you. I know we all have our different burdens, each equally important, but I hope I can make your burden lighter, if only a tiny bit. I don’t claim to have all the answers. but I can walk alongside you and we can grow on this path of discovery.

Hoping to lighten your burden,